2. Nov

The new album ‘SOL (The Mudam Session)’ by Pascal Schumacher is out!

'SOL (The MUDAM Session)' is characterized on the one hand by Pascal Schumacher's newfound passion for loneliness with all its attraction, and on the other hand by the most important characteristic of relationships: intimacy. The piece Melancolia, for example, conveys a unique isolation that is as sad as it is beautiful. Twinkle expresses a deeply personal feeling of enlightenment. Even Tearjerker, a cover version of the famous song by Sakamoto, is so intimate in Schumacher's interpretation that one could imagine he wrote the piece himself.

'When you play solo, you are really confronted with yourself. With your strong moments as well as with your weak ones, which don't necessarily have to be your worst moments. There is something very beautiful about this fragility. It's not unusual for magical things to emerge from it,' he says, noting that 'playing solo is an intense thing.'

The album 'SOL (The MUDAM Session)' will be released on November 6, 2020 at Berlin Classics on CD and digitally on all streaming and download platforms.

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