23. Oct

Pascal Schumacher releases new single ‘Lift’

The central theme of the on 06. The album 'SOL (The MUDAM Session) ' is the loneliness as a state of freedom and creative power that musically bundles vibraphonist Pascal Schumacher and sets the stage in particular. As a foretaste of this unique combination of perception and meaning, the single 'Lift' appears in advance today.

'SOL (The MUDAM Session) ' appears in the series Neue Meister Sessions and conveys Schumacher’s dedication to the game, as well as the intimacy inherent in the songs on SOL in the field of action and tension of the work of art: 'If you play solo, you will really face yourself. With your strong moments as well as your weak ones, which don’t necessarily have to be your worst moments. It is precisely this fragility that sometimes has something very beautiful. It is not uncommon for her to create magical things', he says and notes: 'Playing solo is already an intense thing.'

'Lift' will be released on October 23, 2020 on all streaming and download platforms. The album 'SOL (The MUDAM Session) ' will be released on 06. November 2020 online and everywhere in the retail sector.

Neue Meister
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