16. Oct

The new single ‘Home’ by Henning Fuchs is coming!

We are eagerly waiting for the new album 'GAIA' by Henning Fuchs. In advance the single 'Home' will be released, which reflects the upcoming album musically as well as sensibly.

The album by Henning Fuchs undoubtedly has an urgency - given unprecedented carbon emissions, the deforestation and eradication of forests, and a pandemic that has removed and divided us, reminding us that we are part of one and the same living organism, is an urgent call to unity at the right time. The music, however, is gentle in conveying such an explosive theme.

If one takes the billion-year-old perspective of the earth, the 'saving of the planet' becomes almost a childishly presumptuous plea. What we can do, GAIA seems to be saying, is to try to live harmoniously with this organism that was here before us and will certainly continue to exist after us. Peace is only possible with everyone. We must learn to understand each other. This is GAIA's message,' says Henning.

'Home' will appear on 16 October 2020 on all streaming and download platforms. The album 'GAIA' will be released on 13. November 2020 online and everywhere in retail.

Neue Meister
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