14. Nov

“Jupiter’s Delight” – Remix by Pantha Du Prince after “ÜberBach” by Arash Safaian

"Jupiter's Delight" deals experimentally with the visual world of space. The video originates between a modern city scenario, the beauty of Mongolia's nature and culture: an overall universal agreement combining those worlds. Musical motifs of the track are linked to the infinite landscape of the country, the spinning drifts and the feeling of floating through space. The endlessness serves as a visual leitmotif, in which pure romance meets the loneliness of emptiness. Whether in the seemingly endless steppe or in the perpetual spin, the track finds its counterparts in this cosmos.

For Director Jonas Vahl, the video for "Jupiter's Delight" explores the visuality of infinity. "We acted on instinct while shooting the video, always searching for a motif which reproduces the dimensions of the track. The video was an absurd journey but the essential decisions came organically to us, I think. After finishing the movie, the jacket I made for the Mongolian boy has a really new meaning to me - 'effortless grace', that’s what I appreciate the most."

The video reflects the concept behind Arash Safaian's and Pantha Du Prince's latest release "Mondholz: Remixes and Canons: Überbach", which is now out via the Neue Meister label.

"Music is the transmitter that takes you to new places, reassures you and confuses you," says Pantha Du Prince, "and when music lovers get more open, and their consciousness expands into new fields they've not considered experiencing, I adore that." This symbiosis of the universal language of music and images takes the admirer on a journey, where time and space limits do not exist.

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