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06 November, 2017 - the sixth Neue Meister Concert once again brings important representatives of Modern Classical Music to Berlin place at DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum. In partnership with the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin and DRIVE, Neue Meister presents 4 musicians of a new musical era who have their homes between classic, electronic and pop.

Conceptual artist and composer Hendrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince presents together with composer Arash Safaian and pianist Sebastian Knauer their recently published project "Mondholz", in which they unite the universal architecture of the canon with the principle of dance. "Mondholz" is taking over the "ÜberBach" project, for which Arash Safaian and Sebastian Knauer were awarded the ECHO Klassik 2017 in the category "Classic without Borders".

Another musical crossover artist, Sven Helbig, presents a work in three movements, "Tres Momentos", in which the basic motifs of the composition - the life of the sound, rhythm and melody - flow into different forms.

John Metcalfe, currently one of the most exciting and versatile composers in Great Britain, whose career began with the legendary band The Durutti Column, is leading the German premiere of his mini-suite "Flood, Tide" together with singer Rosie Doonan.

The evening is completed by the Spanish composer and pianist Oriol Cruixent, his bacchanalia from the three-part cycle "Trinoctium" captivates the listener by expressive rhythms impressively.


John Metcalfe
Oriol Cruixent
Sven Helbig
Pantha du Prince mit Arash Safaian / Sebastian Knauer / Pascal Schumacher

Weitere Künstler:
Percussion: Martin Krause
Voice: Rosie Doonan

Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin
Leitung: Catherine Larsen-Maquire

Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus
DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

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