3. May

THE TWELVE – the new album of Federico Albanese is out now!

"If we cannot solve our planet’s problems with the same mindset that created them, where can we turn for answers?" - this is the question filmmakers Lucy Martens and Olivier Girard get to the bottom of in their documentary "The Twelve".  For that they follow twelve wise indigenous masters from around the globe, from places as distant and diverse as Alaska, Botswana, Brazil and Nepal, each sharing a wisdom and a knowing of our eternal and complex connection with nature and all of humanity that is forgotten to us.

Federico Albanese provides the atmospheric background music. "It is film music, but also an album to which I was inspired by this project," says Albanese. However, "The Twelve" is not only a soundtrack, but also works as an independent music album. The pieces invoke feelings of meditation and anticipation that convey a wonderful sense of storytelling.

The soundtrack album is now available on all popular platforms.

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