Federico Albanese combines within his compositions minimalistic piano melodies, string arrangements and electronica. With his music the Berliner-by-choice, who was born in 1982, takes his audience in cinematic worlds of different sounds, which are based on elements of classic, pop and ambient music. The diverse musical influences in his compositions also reflect his great passion to music.

In his childhood Federico practiced the piano and clarinet, whereas as an adolescent he focused on playing the guitar, with which he could establish as a leading protagonist in the underground scene of Milan after studying contrabass. In 2007 he founded the avant-garde-duo "La Blanche Alchimie" with his girlfriend, the singer-songwriter Jessica Einaudi. With this duo he released three albums, could reach international attention and prospered. Also as a composer for advertisements, film and television he could achieve a major success. His scores got used for example in the international film production "Shadows In The Distance" (2012), "Alles im grünen Bereich" (2014) or the documentary "Cinema Perverso" (2015) of the television broadcaster ARTE.

Federico’s debut album as an solo-pianist got released in 2014, titled as "The Houseboat and the Moon". In his new release "The Blue Hour" in 2016 he presents crisp, very dynamic and complexly arranged compositions.

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