Federico Albanaese
Minimal Music
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“There is a particular moment when opposites are very close, almost touching one another. When there is still light but not quite darkness. A world in between, where all things are uncertain, vague, floating into shade.
We can follow or observe, unsure where this would lead - into darkness or light; into the shadow of memories and dreams. A reflection of our desires and hopes, ready to be seen or unseen. It can be a sudden glimpse, with ideas turning into shapes, not yet complete. You can see things, but are unsure what they are. It is an unrevealed choice. A place to recover and heal, lulled by the security of the warm shadow of an ancient tree upon a hill."
Federico Albanese

“The Blue Hour” was created by composer and pianist Federico Albanese to convey the magic of the transition between day and night, with its cross-currents of euphoria and yearning, when melancholy and remembrance merge. Albanese translates these sensations into music. The melodies he finds for them on the keyboard linger in the memory. Instrumentalized with a cello and sparing, tasteful effects, they grow into minimalist chamber symphonies full of dreamlike fluidity.
Produced and recorded in Berlin by Federico Albanese
Mixed and mastered by Francesco Donadello at VoxTon Studio and Calyx Studio Berlin

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