12. Jul

The phenomenon of the “Uncanny Valley”: Johannes Motschmann releases second single off “Lifestream”

"Uncanny Valley" is here: Johannes Motschmann presents the second track of his upcoming album "Lifestream".

Motschmann drew his inspiration for the album from the thought of how things are brought to life.

"Uncanny Valley" originally is a scientific term - it describes the phenomenon that a computer-generated figure or a humanoid robot, which has an almost identical resemblance to a human being, evokes a feeling of discomfort or disgust in the viewer. It is the interplay of realism and unmasked illusion, and "whoever tries to build a credible human facsimile must also beware of the uncanny valley" (Dan Olds).

On august 16th 2019, Neue Meister will release his album "Lifestream", from now on the two singles "Uncanny Valley" and "Lifestream" are available digitally everywhere.

Neue Meister
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