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“Lifestream”: Johannes Motschmann announces new album – and releases the title track of the same name

"How are things brought to life?" Johannes Motschmann's journey to his soon to be released album "Lifestream" began with this thought.

"I wanted to make music about the starting point, about how music comes into being. So this album is about bringing concepts and ideas to life," says the german composer, electronics producer and classically trained pianist.
"What I really want is to open my music," he explains. "A small piano piece, then a choir, then something very artificial with a Juno-6 synthesizer. In the end I want to have very diverse music in one context; fire and ice, fast and slow; what excites me are contradictions and different settings. Music is about diversity and I wanted it to reflect different moods like a symphony".

With the track "Lifestream" Motschmann presents the first single from the upcoming album.
On 16.08.2019 his album "Lifestream" will be released by Neue Meister, from now on the first single is digitally available everywhere.


Neue Meister
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