28. Jun

Happy Release Day, Henning Fuchs: “A New Beginning” is here

After the single releases "Yours" and "As Time Passes" his solo debut "A New Beginning" is released today. But the albums' story began more than 15 years ago:

In 2002, after Henning Fuchs returned from Sir Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, he was drawn to the cold vastness of Finland. The untouched nature, the silence - a source of inspiration for the composer.

"I sought the solitude and silence of nature to prepare myself for a new beginning," says Fuchs.

Now Henning Fuchs publishes a work full of intensely tangible fragility and delicate melodies with Neue Meister.
"A New Beginning"
combines classical arrangements with modern sound design and samples of nature and city sounds.

The album "A New Beginning" is now available on CD, vinyl and digital.

Neue Meister