24. Jul

Double “BRNFCK”: Kai Schumacher announces new album with Neue Meister and releases trailer for the first single

Exciting news from "punk pianist" Kai Schumacher: Today the musician announces his fifth solo album and gives a first taste of the upcoming single.

"RAUSCH" - The album title already leaves room for interpretation. Is it about excess? Should the sober everyday world be blurred by the music? Do we find ourselves in a state of sensual exaggeration when we listen? Kai Schumacher makes the conditions dance, lets them float, plays a game with acoustic perception.
With "RAUSCH" he enters - yet another - an artistic junction.

"I'm well aware that crossover approaches in classical music like to backfire. But similar to pop music, the idea of fusion is not wrong per se. The 1993 soundtrack to the US thriller "Judgement Night", for example, deliberately brought hip hop and rock/grunge bands together. Slayer and Ice-T, DeLa Soul and Teenage Fanclub or Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill. For that moment, it was a super exciting experiment."

The teased new track is called "BRNFCK" and will be released in full length on August 2nd.

HERE you can save the new album on Spotify in Pre-Save - so you won't miss the release.


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