5. Apr

Second take by Federico Albanese

"This is a film score, but is also an album, that I have done inspired by this project," says Federico Albanese about his soundtrack of the documentary "The Twelve". The feature-length film, co-directed by Lucy Martens and Olivier Girard, follows twelve wise indigenous masters from around the globe, from places as distant and diverse as Alaska, Botswana, Brazil and Nepal, each sharing a wisdom and a knowing of our eternal and complex connection with Nature and all of humanity that is forgotten to us.

However, "The Twelve" is not only a soundtrack, but also works as an independent music album. The pieces invoke feelings of meditation and anticipation that convey a wonderful sense of storytelling.

Today is the second foretaste of his upcoming album. The track "The Twelve Theme, Pt.2" can be heard from today on all common platforms.

Neue Meister