29. Mar

“Resonanz” – the new album of Arnold Kasar is out now

Arnold Kasar is a "digital nomad". This is how his new album "Resonanz" was created on the Eurocity train network, which connects Berlin with Prague, Prague with Wroclaw and Wroclaw with Vienna. On this journey, he sifted through recordings already made, recorded the impressions of the day as sound recordings and put together the new solo album.

The pieces on "Resonanz" were all created in the same way: The piano improvisations recorded and archived, with Kasar selecting an individual take now and again and processing it beyond recognition.

"I have a toolbox of portable synthesizers that are the source of everything. So at any time, I can go from the piano to the electronics and back to the solo piano, or mix them together," says Arnold Kasar. Kasar describes this process as a medial exchange, from the observation to the deconstructed melody, to the dark drone and then back to contemplation.

The new album "Resonanz" is now available on all common platforms.



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