11. Oct

“RAUSCH” – the new album by “Punk-Pianist” Kai Schumacher

In "RAUSCH", Kai Schumacher (once again) explores the frontiers of artistic genres. "I’m well aware that attempts at crossovers in the classical world are often a disaster. But just like in pop, the idea of fusing genres isn’t wrong in itself."
Even the names of the eight tracks break with convention: titles such as "Kantholz" or "BRNFCK" are more likely to be heard in metal or techno settings. The album’s title, "RAUSCH" also conveys a multiplicity of meanings. In English, it can be translated as "intoxication", "delirium", "rapture", or perhaps "exhilaration". So does it refer to excesses? The blurring of sober everyday life through music? Or are we to be transported into a state of sensual exuberance?
Schumacher abstains from using electronics. Instead, he employs his own form of “prepared piano,” manipulating the instrument’s mechanism and strings to produce an unusual array of sounds.
With this, Schumacher (once again) proves his attitude, his individual style and a feeling for the flow of the music.

"RAUSCH" by Kai Schumacher is now available as CD and on Vinyl, as download and for streaming everywhere.

Neue Meister
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