28. Oct

“above the waves of crystal waters” – pt. 1 and pt. 2 by deephouse producer Henrik Schwarz are out now!

German deep house producer Henrik Schwarz has created his own niche with his highly acclaimed live sets, in which acoustic, electronic and even orchestral elements blend together. His visionary perception of music production as a fusion of different elements and his understanding of the power of a live performance harmonized and went hand in hand with John Metcalfe's own ideas of the album. "In John's piece 'Above The Waves Of Crystal Water' there were many things that I felt very attracted to. Adding new elements was a very easy and playful process," said Schwarz about his remix.

"Above The Waves Of Crystal Waters (Remix by Henrik Schwarz)" - Part 1 and Part 2 are available everywhere as download and stream.
The complete works of all remixes - the EP "Absence Remixes" by John Metcalfe - will be released on November 22, 2019 by Neue Meister.

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