28. Oct

PYANOOK – The new single “Zwei Elfen” is out now with a new live music video

"PYANOOK is my artistic exploration of technology. I only set myself one limit: the entire electronic sound production is based on the timeless timbre of the grand piano," Ralf Schmid says about the PYANOOK project.
The "MI.MU Gloves", presented for the first time by the renowned British musician Imogen Heap, are portable tech products that combine movement and sound. They use sensors that convert various hand gestures into programmable sound effects. The gloves allow musicians to create their music in a more natural and expressive way. "I discover magic, choreography, poetry in the interaction of man and machine."

Now the single "Zwei Elfen" has been released, and with it an impressive live music video:

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More Information

The album PYANOOK will be released on 08.11.2019 on NEUE MEISTER.

Neue Meister
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