10. Oct

“Boats & Crosses (Remix by Richard Spaven)” – New remix of John Metcalfe’s work Absence

For the remix of his track "Boats & Crosses" John Metcalfe chose his close friend and colleague Richard Spaven, who is the current drummer in Metcalfe's band.
Spaven combines the electronic world with jazz and his style influences many other musicians.
“He is a bit of a legend really. A go-to influence for a lot of people. He has a brilliant combination of passion and spirituality and a really good dose of intelligence” says Metcalfe of Spaven.
"Boats & Crosses (Remix by Richard Spaven)" is available everywhere as download and stream.
The complete works of all remixes - the EP "Absence Remixes" by John Metcalfe - will be released on November 22, 2019 with Neue Meister.

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