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“Everything in Its Right Place” – PYANOOK combines instrumental virtuosity with sensitive use of technology

"Everything in It's Right Place" is the second single of the upcoming album "PYANOOK" - the new project of Ralf Schmid.
As “PYANOOK”, Ralf Schmid opens up the piano itself and sets free its soul and potential.“ I discover magic, choreography, poetry in the interaction of humans and Machine.”
Using Gloves, PYANOOK takes the musical symbiosis of analog and digital sounds to a new level.
The compositions become alive and inseparably connected to the pianist and his body with every movement of the pianist through the Every slight turn of the wrist, every bend of a finger alters the sound emanating from the piano in unique ways, “While experimenting with keys and gloves, there was a moment when I stood up from the piano bench to extend my radius. I triggered piano chords with ‘drum-hits’ in the air, opened effect spaces with arm movements and conducted the electronic sound flow,” says Schmid.
Ralf Schmid explains how gloves work:

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"Everything in It's Right Place" by PYANOOK is now available for download and streaming everywhere.
"PYANOOK" will be released on 08 November 2019 with Neue Meister.

Neue Meister
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