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First foretaste of Federico Albanese’s new album

Federico Albanese shows on his new album "The Twelve" a whole new side: For the documentary "The Twelve" by the directors Lucy Martens and Olivier Girard he composed the soundtrack - even though he had never seen the documentary in full about 12 wise indigenous masters from the remotest corners of the world before.

"They were about to start editing the film when Lucy got in touch. I really pledged to the project as she explained it to me," he says "I could have waited for the film to be finished to start composing, that’s how it usually works, you get a rough cut and then you do the score. In this case it was the other way round, I did my own research on these elders and was inspired by them."

While this inverse process of film scoring might seem like a shot in the dark, the resulting album is something truly refined and unique. From today on there is the first foretaste: "The Stars We Follow" - a piece as gentle and contemplative as it is powerful. It is from now on available on all popular platforms.

Neue Meister