2. Jul

Artist premiere: Kaan Bulak presents his new single via Neue Meister

Composer, pianist and producer in personal union: Kaan Bulak combines several musical skills that he gained in the stages of his education. These include piano lessons with Andrej Jussow, the Bachelor's degree in Audio Production at SAE Berlin and the Master's degree in Sound Studies at Universität der Künste Berlin. All of this also shaped his musical work and led to various collaborations with renowned partners. In his latest single, released via Neue Meister, Bulak presents the composition 'Fantasy: 2. Profondo'. In addition to electronic elements, the piece is characterised by the sound of the trumpet, which was recorded by the musician Simon Höfele. He described the piece as follows: "Fantasy is a very special work for me. Through the electronics, the music takes on a whole new level. A level that shifts, surrounds the listener, into which you can completely let yourself fall and lose yourself."


'Fantasy: 2. Profondo' is available to stream and purchase digitally on all music platforms.

Neue Meister
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