7. Oct

‘Tropismes’ – Pascal Schumachers new single from The Mudam Sessions is here

Anticipation is in the air when Pascal Schumacher comes up with new music. The vibraphonist and composer has made a name for himself through a variety of collaborative projects with various ensembles such as quartets and symphony orchestras. He recently discovered how liberating and meaningful a solo project can be. In doing so, he followed the guiding principle of the Italian writer Umberto Eco: 'Loneliness is a kind of freedom.'

'SOL', his first solo album, was released in June of 2020. 'Tropismes' - another expression of Schumacher's newly won passion for loneliness with all its attraction - was already released in 'SOL' and now appears anew as part of 'The Mudam Sessions'.

'Tropismes' appears on the 7th. October 2020 digital on all streaming and download platforms.