18. Sep

Sebastian Mullaert – Natthall out now!

The new album by Sebastian Mullaert went a long way to the current release. Back in 2017, with a desire to combine the two musical worlds that had given him so much, Mullaert scored and performed a collaborative concert with musicians of the Tonhalle Orchestra Zürich, one of Europe’s best symphony orchestras. An immersive audiovisual performance took place at the spectacular Tonhalle concert hall in Zurich as part of their tonhalleLATE series.

The event was a triumph, but Mullaert wanted to do more with the repertoire and further push the boundaries of what might be possible on stage. ‘Live instruments have a very powerful organic force,’ he says. ‘I have a way of working in the studio, how I loop and record things, with all these effects, and soundscapes. And I wanted to know: ‘Can I move this whole process onto the stage? To have the musicians playing something and capture them, and do that post-production at the same time as they’re playing?’ Later in 2017, Sebastian returned to Zurich and recorded the concert repertoire with all the orchestra musicians on a professional studio standard. Over the year during multiple session in his studio, deep in the Swedish woods, Mullaert honed his personal and unique take on the modern classical sound culminating in a full-length LP entitled ‘Natthall‘. 

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