20. Sep

New, strange, fascinating – the exciting EP “OTHERWHERE” by Robot Koch & Savannah Jo Lack is here

As the name of the EP suggests, "OTHERWHERE" merges different ideas and concepts into something new, strange and fascinating. Robot Koch & Savannah Jo Lack, who have already successfully worked on an album together in the past, put classical and electronic music into an open dialogue. “I’m fascinated by the unknown. it's something that excites me rather than scares me,” explains Koch. The five tracks on the EP are the result of an organic combination of talents and ideas - acoustic elements merge seamlessly with the electronic parts and create moments of uncanny oppression to heart-rending consolation for the listeners.“I think our mutual willingness to let go of the expected restraints of our genres lets us collaborate in a very sympathetic, organic way,” says Lack, “Basically, we are striving for the most moving, most interesting way to express a particular emotion or musical idea."

"OTHERWHERE" by Robot Koch is now available on vinyl, for download and stream everywhere.

Neue Meister
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