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“Life In a Nutshell” – PYANOOK opens up new horizons for analogue instruments and live performances

"PYANOOK" - the new project of Ralf Schmid, starts today with the first single "Life In a Nutshell".

"PYANOOK is my artistic engagement with technology. I only set myself one limit: the entire electronic sound production is based on the timeless timbre of the grand piano," says Schmid about the project, which runs under the stage name PYANOOK.
The German composer, who has already worked a lot with digital tools in the past, then dealt with With them, he can immediately digitally manipulate the sound of what he plays on the piano - by hand gestures alone.
The music gloves presented for the first time by the renowned British musician Imogen Heap are portable tech products that combine movement and sound. They use sensors that convert various hand gestures into programmable sound effects. The gloves allow musicians to create their music in a more natural and expressive way: "Here's an example: I want to send the piano sound to a large reverberation room - not just turn it on and off, but fade it in and out continuously. I combine this fade-out with a glove movement, i.e. an opening gesture that moves both hands to the side and opens my arms," explains Schmid.
"Life In A Nutshell" is now available for download and streaming everywhere.

"PYANOOK" will be released on 08.11.2019 with Neue Meister.

Neue Meister
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