22. Feb

“Fantasy Worlds” is out now!

The new album of the piano virtuoso Benyamin Nuss is released! "Fantasy Worlds" is a tribute to the sounds of video game music. The album presents works by the renowned video game composer Nobuo Uematsu, among others. Many years of experience as a pianist, composer and arranger make this solo piano album an exciting total work of art.

The video game music consciously crosses genre boundaries and invites to completely new listening experiences of the 21st century. "Fantasy Worlds" is not only the title but also the programme: shallow and at the same time powerful sounds make the immersion in the computer game series Final Fantasy a journey into other worlds.

Benyamin Nuss puts the deep fascination for digital games into practice with virtuosity on the piano and inspires not only the computer game fan community.

The album is now available everywhere.


Neue Meister
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