15. Jun

Chris Liebing creates remix of ‘Lifestream’ by Johannes Motschmann

Johannes Motschmann's new single presents another remix from his album 'Lifestream'. This one comes from Chris Liebing, who has made a name for himself as a DJ, producer, radio presenter and driving force behind the labels CLR and Spinclub Recordings. Liebing is known for his hard, bouncy techno - this sound aesthetic can also be heard in the rework of the song 'Lifestream'. Another techno producer, Luke Slater, had also created a remix for the same track. Motschmann commented on those: What fascinated me most about Luke and Chrisremixes was that they both developed the music and its underlying traces in very different ways, so what are actually secondary voices in my track suddenly came to the fore, and the main voices recede,” observes Motschmann of the two reworks. “It's like a development into worlds of sound in which my music might otherwise never appear - As DJs, Luke and Chris take a different outlook on music making than I do, with my often very theoretical approach.”


'Lifestream' (Chris Liebing Remix) is now available on all download and streaming platforms.

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