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“How do things come to life? How does meaning appear?” These are questions that have informed 'Lifestream'the 2019 release by German composer, electronic producer, and classically trained piano virtuoso Johannes Motschmann. Conceived as a narrative arc, the album reflected the natural cycle of all things – from birth to death. Meticulously composed and gloriously realised, it succeeded in bringing such overarching concepts to life in rich, vivid ways. A year on, the German musician has invited friends and collaborators to breathe even more life into Lifestream for a new remix EP.


German Berghain veteran, Chris Liebing chose to remix the title track of Motschmann’s album 'Lifestream' taking the original tune into his own clubby spheres. Liebing, who is a driving force in the German electronic music world with his ever-innovative approach, took the track into a deep and dark world of his own.


Chris Liebing is DJ, producer, radio host and the driving force behind the labels CLR and Spinclub Recordings. His sound has continuously evolved during his DJ career, always true to his techno roots. Although his contributions to the field have already firmly established him as one of the field’s great names, Liebing continues to innovate in the DJ booth with a setup more befitting a teenage computer game obsessive as well as releasing new material time and again. He’s known for playing hard, bouncy techno that is inspired by philosophy; always-deep tracks that range from looming apocalyptic landscapes filled with a sense of dread, to more optimistic emotional meditations.

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