6. Mar

Sebastian Mullaert releases music video to ‘Ascending Of A Spotless Bird’

"Ascending Of A Spotless Bird", the first single of Sebastian Mullaert's new album Natthall captures the album’s soul. Tender strings, lush synth washes and widescreen soundscapes come together in a track that feels at once real and ethereal, as a blissful spring sunrise.

Accompanying the track is a video based on raw nature footage captured by the esteemed Swedish areal videographer Tobias Larsson. Armed with a nimble Eurocopter AS350 helicopter and some of the most advanced camera technology on the market, Tobias and his pilot compiled an archive of breath-taking nature footage from the sky. Following his correspondence with Sebastian, the video material was shot whilst listening to his music and features incredible landscapes shot in Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, and Italy. The final outcome was developed in collaboration with immersive installation specialists Moritz Flachmann, who has enhanced the footage creatively with his psychedelic visual processing, conceptually developed and live synced with the music, to allow for a comprehensive audio-visual experience.

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