After two solo albums, Duisburg pianist and composer Kai Schumacher, who has been signed to the Berlin label Neue Meister for four years, is now releasing a joint project with German-language singer-songwriter and guitarist Gisbert zu Knyphausen: 'Lass irre Hunde heulen' is the title of the work in which the two reinterpret well-known Schubert songs and thus put them in a current light without breaking the magic of the pieces. Their first release of the project is the single 'Der Wegweiser'.


'Lass irre Hunde heulen - Kai Schumacher und Gisbert zu Knyphausen spielen Franz Schubert' initially started as a pure live project in September 2020, as a cooperation between the Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg and the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra. "For me, the songs of Franz Schubert are among the most beautiful music of the 19th century. I have always been curious about how it sounds when someone approaches it in a completely unaffected way, without classical etiquette, and makes the songs his own without bias. This singer had to be Gisbert zu Knyphausen from the very beginning," Kai Schumacher describes the idea for this project. The concerts in Hamburg and Duisburg, which were broadcast by ARTE and others, turned into a veritable frenzy, so that the two musicians decided to turn the evening into a joint album.


'Lass irre Hunde heulen' will be released digitally, on CD and vinyl on September 10th on Neue Meister. The current single 'Der Wegweiser' is available everywhere since May 7th.


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