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Neue Meister “Crossing Borders”

The aim of the Neue Meister concerts is to give an overview on a new generation of composers that is scoring successes on the recorded music market and attracts a new young audience to finding its way into concert halls. The headline for the Neue Meister concert in June is “Crossing Boarders”. Each composer deals with musical influences or concepts from various cultural backgrounds. Christian Jost finds inspiration in a Chinese poem for his world premiere of Lover-Skysong. In Lover-Skysong Jost orchestrates the eternal vow of fidelity by a pair of lovers. Gilad Hochman and Fazil Say both combine harmonies or rhythms of their native countries with traditional classical music. “Nedudim” by Gilad Hochman features mandolinist Alon Sariel and conductor Gil Rave. “Nedudim” means “wanderings” and deals with the Jewish diaspora on one hand side and the emotional states of exile and constant nomadic existence of a traveling musician on the other hand. Fazil Say’s Chamber Symphony op. 62 is “totally inspired by Turkish music” and reflects Say’s personal view on events in modern-day Turkey. Sven Helbig premieres his Pocket Symphonies [Electronica]. As a composer he naturally combines all sorts of music and inspiration – there are no musical borders for him. The same applies to Matthew Herbert. The English star producer and composer will premiere a newly written orchestra work at the concert.

Neue Meister Crossing Borders

Works By
Christian Jost
Gilad Hochman
Fazil Say
Sven Helbig
Matthew Herbert


Further Soloists
Alon Sariel (Mandoline)
Annika Treutler (Piano)
Arnulf Ballhorn (Bass)
Josie Lin (Percussion)

Gil Raveh (Conductor for Nedudim)

Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin


20.06.16 – 8 pm
DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum
Friedrichstraße 84 / Ecke Unter den Linden


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Neue Meister
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