4. May

‘Lifestream’ (Luke Slater’s 7th Plain Remix) available now!

Today, Luke Slater's new remix of the song 'Lifestream' by Johannes Motschmann was released. London's Luke Slater is considered an English techno pioneer, not least because of his richly-textured techno of the '90s. With his musical rise, his paths led him to the most diverse clubs and festivals around the globe – from the Dutch forest settings of Dekmantel to the incredible setting of Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.

The 7th Plain remix is underpinned by a fast-paced beat, under which the echoes of piano and other fragments of Motschmann's track can be heard nostalgically. Motschmann himself says about the remixed tracks: "The remixes have given me the opportunity of a new perspective: the composer becomes an astonished listener of his own melodies because they unexpectedly appear in a different context."


'Lifestream' (Luke Slater's 7th Plain Remix)  is available on all download and streaming platforms.

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