14. Aug

“LIFESTREAM” – Johannes Motschmann’s new album is here

How are things brought to life? This is the question that german composer, electronics producer and classically trained pianist Johannes Motschmann dealt with on his new album. It is this unique compositional approach to electronic music that Motschmann perfected together with Boris Bolles and David Panzl as the Johannes Motschmann Trio. Together they create profound compositions by combining piano sound with synthesizer and violin sounds.

Conceived as a narrative, "Lifestream" itself reflects the natural cycle of all things - from birth to death, from "Craving", a euphoric, shimmering track containing the DNA of the entire album, to "Grave", a track about weightlessness and "a space I don't want to describe in detail", the composer says. It's also, Motschmann explains, a kind of epitaph, meaning the spooky piano and the sad strings that take up the peaceful and fitting traits of the record and the life it contains.

Musicians like strings and choir bring the concept to life. "Music is about diversity and I wanted it to be like a symphony with different moods" says Motschmann.

Johannes Motschmann's album "Lifestream" is now available everywhere.

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