26. Jul

“Interoception” is here: Watch the beautiful music video by Johannes Motschmann

"INTEROCEPTION" is here: Johannes Motschmann presents the third track of his upcoming album "LIFESTREAM".

"New sound spaces inspired by electronic music, but 100 percent handmade" - this is how Johannes Motschmann describes his creative process, which he now repeats for "Lifestream". Designed as a narrative arc, "Lifestream" itself reflects the natural course of things - from birth to death, from "Craving", a euphoric, shimmering track containing the DNA of the entire album, to "Grave", a piece about weightlessness and "a space I didn't want to describe in detail". It is a kind of epitaph, Motschmann explains, with a haunting piano and grieving strings that give the recording and the life it contains a peaceful - and fitting - coda.

After the release of "Uncanny Valley" and the title track "Lifestream" we now experience "Interoception" visually:


On 16.08.2019 NEUE MEISTER will release his album "LIFESTREAM", from now on the three single releases "Interoception", "Uncanny Valley" and "Lifestream" are digitally available everywhere.


Neue Meister
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