24. Sep

Clemens Christian Poetzsch presents his new single ‘Kashmir’ (Solitaer Edit)

Clemens Christian Poetzsch's latest album is titled 'The Soul of Things' and is dedicated to ordinary things like a pen or an old radio - objects that somehow, in their very familiarity become extraordinary to us. The tracks are not only named after them, but in their musicality attempt to describe the personalities and souls of these artefacts. Now Poetzsch presents a selection of these tracks as a 'Solitaer Edit', the first of which was released today as a single release and is titled 'Kaschmir': "This composition is dedicated to a special fabric that is rarely worn, as one often waits for the right moment for it. This special place and this instrument, which was specially chosen and brought for this recording, resulted in just the right opportunity to play this composition."  - Clemens Christian Poetzsch


The new single 'Kaschmir' (Solitaer Edit) is available digitally for streaming & download.

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