10. Dez

Helge Burggrabes neue Single ‚Home‘ erscheint vorab zum Album ‚Human‘

HUMAN is an album that brings together the timeless and the contemporary. The single 'Home' appears in advance. On the one hand, there’s something ancient and archaic about its message, basic even. On the other, in order to give this ancient wisdom any meaning, it must answer to today’s context and current struggles. Despite the elemental nature of the topics within.

HUMAN - the obvious need for things such as liberty, work and home for a dignified existence - advocating for these today is still a matter of urgency, 'In view of grievances and social upheavals, unequal distribution, growing nationalisms and, last but not least, the challenge of isolation through the corona pandemic, the question ‘how can different cultures live together peacefully across all borders of traditions, lifestyles and worldviews?’ is more important than ever,' states the composer.

The single 'Home' by Helge Burggrabe is now available on all streaming and download portals.

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