12. May

Waves At Boundaries – Johannes Motschmann announces new EP

Just in time for the launch of his 2017 tour of Germany, Johannes Motschmann has delivered new material for all the fans of his Neue Meister debut album, “Electric Fields”:

The EP “Waves At Boundaries” tells short stories from the musical universe of Electric Fields, expanding and complementing the sound situated between electronic dance music, avant-garde and orchestral spheres of sound of which Motschmann is, right now, the proponent par excellence.

Four new pieces have been written in recent months; a snapshot of the development that Motschmann, his ensemble and team comprising multi-percussionist David Panzl and sound magician Boris Bolles went through last year. The last track, “Papillon”, a pure piano piece, is a wonderful little reprieve from the otherwise very driven and energetic cosmos that is Electric Fields.

Neue Meister
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