"Tres Momentos" describes a section of the infinite spiral, in which disorder and structure, the sacred and the profane, life and death are mutually dependent. Drone sounds connect three composed moments for string orchestra.

The composition's lyrical tones contrast with multi-layered noise elements, which ultimately dissolve into a waltz. With this release, Sven Helbig departs from his previously preferred rigorous tonal harmonies, and the electronic components become more prominent.

The live recording of the concert with Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin will appear on the Neue Meister label on August 10, 2018. Colombian puppeteer Omayra Martinez Garzon produced the music video for "El Tercer Momento".

With the cover artwork, Sven Helbig quotes the 3,000-year-old Chinese oracle of "I Ching". The trigram stands for the universal, the eternal and for creative power.

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