The "Cosmic Calendar" project narrates the tale of the universe's origin. When envisioning the emergence of the universe on a 12-month timeline - a year - the Big Bang occurs in January, and the genesis of life, and consequently humanity, takes place in December. Each month represents a significant milestone in the universe's formation, while drawing parallels to personal development. It delineates various phases, such as the liberation of boundless possibilities through the Big Bang (Particles of Freedom), the cooling down process (Becoming Transparent) leading to clear perspectives, self-awareness (the Inner Gravity), a sense of "flow" amidst countless possibilities (Gliding on the Milky Way), the relinquishment of beliefs and the feeling of sorrow (Requiem for a Supernova), up to the birth of hope (Birth of the Sun), the romantic relationship between the Earth and the Moon (Celestial Serenade), the formation of the vital ozone layer (Air), and finally, the emergence of humanity (You and me and everything around us). With this project, I aim to convey that the universe and we, humans on Earth, are interconnected. Viewing this fact from such a global perspective leaves no room for hatred and war.

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