Some weeks ago, I had the opportunity to play and revisit selected pieces from my album "Chasing Heisenberg" on a special instrument.

I had previously recorded my last albums in large studios on big Steinway concert grand pianos. However, these compositions were often written at home on my small, old family piano, which my grandfather used to give piano lessons on in the 50s.

I always considered this little upright piano sufficient for practicing and working - but for making recordings? I thought it was too old, too weak, too unstable.Time can prove you wrong.

After many hours of work (thanks to my piano tuner), we managed to restore this piano to a condition where making recordings became possible. The result is a collection of quiet, intimate variations of my pieces from “Chasing Heisenberg,” embracing the unique sound of this piano.

"Chasing Heisenberg" is available physically and digitally on all music platforms.



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