With "Collateral Flow," pianist Clemens Christian Poetzsch and guitarist, percussionist, and composer Reentko Dirks present their first joint album for piano and guitar. This unique work combines the romantic and melancholic elements of Poetzsch's sensitive piano melodies with Dirks' soothing guitar sounds to create a captivating musical journey.

"La Bicicleta Roja" opens the collection as a heartfelt homage to the unforgettable moment of learning to ride a bike, symbolizing the transition from security to independence. "Tidewater" unfolds as a dialogue between the artists, comparable to the repetitive waves rolling comfortingly onto the beach, an image of movement and transformation. "Pendulum" interweaves with the visual narrative of an abandoned house and the inevitable passage of time. The gentle tones of "Riverine" reflect the tranquility of a morning riverbank, while "Kleines Silber" celebrates the harmonious fusion of piano and guitar. "Reflexion" becomes a canvas for emotional and creative expressions, while "Veer" reaches a fascinating dimension with its unique sound experiment between prepared guitar and piano. "Collateral Flow" is an invitation to immerse yourself in the beauty of sound and emotion.


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