18. Feb

Clemens Christian Poetzsch releases new Single ‘Kleines Silber’

With 'Kleines Silber', Clemens Christian Poetzsch releases the second single from his upcoming album after 'Indigo Feder'.

"A little silver something; it appears to have broken off. I wonder what the original thing was?“

The pianist has written a new album in 2020, this special time, based entirely on objects that have a nostalgic, emotional value. His new work is aptly named The Soul of Things and is inspired by the mundane, which is far from mundane: solo piano combined with compositions for harp, cello, piano and electronics. The album itself can be seen as an ode to ordinary things like a particularly good pen or an old radio - objects that somehow, in their sheer familiarity become extraordinary and indispensable to us. "There are many unfathomable things about these objects and their significance to oneself. There is a certain magic in it," says Poetzsch. The 13 tracks that make up The Soul of Things album are named after these mundane objects and in their musicality attempt to describe the personalities and souls of these artefacts.

'Kleines Silber' by Clemens Christian Poetzsch is now available everywhere.

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