Composer Trevor Kowalski works in geographies of memory and hope to write heart-felt, dynamic pieces and progressive soundtracks.
Distinctly shaped by the Adirondack Mountains and obsessed with music from a young age, Trevor started playing piano at 6 and writing fragments of his own melodies at home. He later studied at Boston University with the influential Ketty Nez, where he was the first freshman to win the university's composition contest, and at the Royal College of Music in London where he performed under conductor Bernard Haitink.

Trevor gained experience briefly at composer Hans Zimmer's studio though struck out on his own as an independent artist. Trevor has written music for awarded games, films, orchestras, and theatre productions around the globe. He is also a concert pianist and french horn player.
Trevor has a love for melody, minimalism, soundtracks, and colorful classical, in addition to eclectic artists like Thelonious Monk, John Denver, and the melodic sense of Nintendo that works its way into his music. Major influences include Camille Saint-Saëns, Jennifer Higdon, and John Barry. Trevor is based in Los Angeles.




Neue Meister
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