Ben J. Connolly is an Irish composer, producer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist, based in Berlin. A passion for storytelling is deeply rooted in Ben’s psyche and is at the crux of all of his creative endeavours. His music is woven with neo-classical, ambient and experimental elements, as he aspires to capture a spectrum of elusive emotions. Harbouring a deep interest in the details of composition and sonics has led him to pursue a path as a media composer, where he blends his love for acoustic orchestration with electronics, synthesis and sound design.

Ben began his music career busking on the streets of Dublin. In 2011, he won a national busking competition, and subsequently performed live with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. He is a member of alternative-folk group All the Luck in the World, with whom he has written,recorded and co-produced 3 albums. Over the years they have toured Europe extensively, playing sold out shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Ireland. He has written orchestral arrangements for acclaimed musical ensembles such as Glasshouse and Stargaze. His passion for music and storytelling has led him down the path of media composition in recent years, where he has written music for film, VR film, and advertising.


Neue Meister
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