Since his early youth, Felix Räuber has been obsessed with all forms of music-making and the associated possibility of letting feelings run free. At the age of 13, he founded his first band in the basement of his parents' house - the later No.1 hit indie pop star "Polarkreis 18".

Gold and platinum awards as well as an Echo nomination followed and the single "Allein, Allein" became one of the most successful German-language songs of all time and advanced to become a world hit. After the break-up of the band and several branches in the music industry in the following years, Felix Räuber finally developed his self-titled solo project in 2018.

His musical lineage crystallised from this work. "I call my music `Cinematic Pop' because it combines influences from film music, electronics and pop music."

With his EPs "WALL", "ME", "AUTSIDER", "Symphonic", "Change" & most recently "The Other Side of Sea" (release date 01.07.), Felix Räuber has been releasing a portfolio of his musical expression on his own label Every Motion Records since 2018.

Räuber increasingly focuses on socio-political topics in his releases and combines them with his own cinematic style as well as epic music videos.

A large part of Räuber's work was created while travelling - in Iran, Israel, the West Bank, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, North Korea, Greece or on the island of La Réunion, where the current EP "The Other Side of Sea" also comes from.

Räuber's track "Après Minuit (feat. Schlindwein)" can be heard in the last season of the Emmy-nominated ABC & Netflix series "How to get away with murder" as well as the current season of the world-famous series "Grey's Anatomy".

Felix has also been working for over two years on the serial TV documentary "Wie klingt Heimat?" (How does home sound?), in which he explores the surprising diversity and cultural density of contemporary life in Saxony in a personally motivated search for clues. The resulting album "The Symphony of Cultures" (release in 2023) celebrated its premiere in June 2022 in front of 1300 spectators at the Kulturpalast as part of the Dresden Music Festival.




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