27. Nov

The ‘Alpha Waves’-Remix by Johannes Motschmann is out now!

With the remix Alpha Waves the British musician and sound artist Tom Adams delivers the prelude to this exciting new release series by Motschmann. 'I especially like the fact that Tom has worked a lot with his voice. Polyphonic layers create new melody arcs and layers in the piece, which makes Tom adopt my track in a very individual way', Motschmann enthuses about the cooperation with Adams. Adams' breathy voice creates an intimate sound world at the beginning, which is then broken up by acid sounds, changing the mood of the track.

While the original piece possessed a heavenly and cosmic sublimity, Adams interprets the theme with a wink of the eye and a groovy bass line: 'Alpha Waves stood out from the record for me because it focused more on atmosphere and texture than on rhythm and harmony. I wanted to do something that would capture the atmosphere of the original piece, but also take it in a new direction,' says Tom Adams about his reinterpretation.

The Remix 'Alpha Waves' by Johannes Motschmann is now available on all streaming and download platforms.

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