18. Nov

“Poetzsch plays Helbig” – First single “Meernacht” out now

The musicians Clemens Christian Poetzsch and Sven Helbig have joined forces for a special project: For six months Helbig sent Poetzsch his compositions so that he had time to work on every interpretation.
"I just sent him the notes quietly - no comment, no explanation. I took the opportunity to behave like a "dead" composer," Helbig says, "I wanted Clemens to feel this as his album. Instead of sharing their thoughts on each piece, the musicians decided to keep their own private diaries during the process, which they would only share when it was time to record.

The first single "Meernacht" and the live music video are now available everywhere.

The album "Clemens Christian Poetzsch plays Sven Helbig" will be released on 31.01.2020 by Neue Meister.



Neue Meister
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