28. May


Techno in the concert hall - for the eighth time the Berlin label Neue Meister is organizing the concert series Modern Classical Music. Here the audience is offered an exciting classic electro crossover with new promising artists of the scene.

One of them is the German music producer Moritz von Oswald, the legendary pioneer and the central figure of the Berlin techno scene. In his spectral composition "Metametric" he captures the sounds of the modern world.

Gabriel Prokofiev, the pioneer of the redefinition of classical music, performs his work "Terra Incognita" and overcomes the boundaries between Russian classical music and dark electro.

In the works of the avant-garde artist Ralf Schmid, technology and music flow together. The New Master Evening shows the premiere of his piece "Aira & The Last Emperor", which is performed in Berlin for the first time with the use of high-tech music gloves (developed by Imogen Heap).

After collaborations with artists like Olafur Arnalds or Peter Broderick, CEEYS release their album "WÆNDE" on the label Neue Meister. In the composition "Union & Fall" from the music project, which is dedicated to childhood memories and the history of Berlin, the piano and cello sounds merge in expressive rhythms.

The concert is rounded off by "Signals from Shushan" for violin and string orchestra, a musical narrative by Max Doehlemann and Liv Migdal, which increases with rhythmic elements to an oriental festival and intoxicating dance.

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Moritz of Oswald
Gabriel Prokofiev
Ralf Schmid
Max Doehlemann and Liv Migdal

Neue Meister
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