Fabian Russ, who took private lessons in composition from Thomas Hertel, works as a composer and “orchestronics” practitioner at the interface between classical and electronic music. His focus is on classical-electronic hybrids whose composite form he has been researching for years by the use of a sampling technique he developed himself. Russ has long worked closely with Radialsystem V and the PODIUM Festival. Since 2013 he has been working intensively with composer Tim Jäkel on merging large symphony orchestras with electronics. Their works were chosen to open the Weimar Kunstfest in 2015. Russ’s work colleagues include Carlo Grippa (Tonmeister), Folkert Uhde, Steven Walter, Christian Kellersmann, Albrecht Mayer, Andreas Scholl, Midori Seiler, Robert Gwisdek (as Käptn Peng), Frieder Weiss, Neue Meister (EDEL). In recent years he has taken part in numerous opening ceremonies, such as the 2014 Biennale Klangbasel, the 2015 opening of the Montforthaus in the Vorarlberg and the 2016 reopening of the Old Masters collection at the Hamburg Kunsthalle.



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Neue Meister
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